Club Mission Statement

Leverstock Green Cricket Club

Mission Statement



 "LGCC wishes to be recognised as a progressive cricket club, respected within Hertfordshire cricket and the local community.

It aims to provide an attractive environment and a welcoming club atmosphere for both playing and non-playing members and guests.

The club will promote the growth and enjoyment of competitive cricket at all age levels - regardless of gender or physical capability - by meeting the aspirations of ECB Premier Leagues standards and facilities, thus ensuring the continuous development of junior players to breed a life-long love of cricket and our wonderful club."

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The Spirit Of Cricket

Aside from the 'Laws of the Game', LGCC's players are asked
to play within the 'Spirit Of Cricket' - guidance which has stood since
the game began, simply updated to reflect today's game...


Cricket owes much of its appeal and enjoyment to the fact that it should be played not only according to the Laws, but also within the Spirit of Cricket.

The major responsibility for ensuring fair play rests with the captains, but extends to all players, match officials and, especially in junior cricket, teachers, coaches and parents.

Respect is central to the Spirit of Cricket.

Respect your captain, team-mates, opponents and the authority of the umpires.

Play hard and play fair.

Accept the umpire’s decision.

Create a positive atmosphere by your own conduct, and encourage others to do likewise.

Show self-discipline, even when things go against you.

Congratulate the opposition on their successes, and enjoy those of your own team.

Thank the officials and your opposition at the end of the match, whatever the result.

Cricket is an exciting game that encourages leadership, friendship and teamwork, which brings together people from different nationalities, cultures and religions, especially when played within the Spirit of Cricket.