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  • Mark "Crafty" Craft
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  • Last updated: April 2014
    Sadly for the Green's Herts League ambitions, Mark didn't register one game in 2013 - albeit that's only slightly down on his regular return from the past few seasons.
    A top-quality batsman and fielder, 'Crafty' has been much missed - however hope is held out for a return to more regular action in summer 2014.

Performance Details

Batting and fielding history
 Total 353165766723.0422302120
Season: 2012
 All teams10912176727.132230140
Season: 2011
 All teams8821855630.83000120
Season: 2010
 All teams320453522.50000020
Season: 2009
 All teams111021064713.25000030
Season: 2008
 All teams321231923.00000010

Bowling history